survive but thrive in extreme conditions.
The Acacia tree has the ability to adapt to change and not only
Beyond Excellence…Solutions Engineered
Leoka’s spirit animal is much like the Acacia Tree, an evolutionary phenomenon Our Spirit Animal that is as wonderful to behold as it is to be functional.
Welcome to LEOKA

We offer expertise in multi-disciplinary engineering, project development and management services. Our successes are in capital projects in the mining, mineral ore processing, infrastructure, aviation and heavy industry sectors.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We have implemented and applied a quality management system which is in
compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015

Level 1 BBBEE

We are a 100% Black-Owned Level 1 Enterprise Contributor in terms of the latest (BBBEE) codes.

Our Values - STIR

We are committed to providing quality services to our clients through our dedicated multi-disciplinary team that is guided by our values of being ‘Solution-seekers, delivering quality projects on Time with Integrity and Respect (STIR)

Solution Seeking

A process of identifying a problem, developing possible solution paths and taking the appropriate course of action.


Exercising conscious control time spent on specific activities, to increase effectiveness and productivity.


The most important principle with the aim of fostering long lasting relationships with clients based on trust.


Valuing diversity and freedom to express ourselves with the purpose of achieving common goals


Leoka Engineering are expert service providers to several key participants in the South African economy. Our core engineering and design capabilities are process, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation.

We have confidence in the role engineering sciences play in the development of a nation and ultimately, improving the lives and welfare of all people. South Africa still faces critical shortages in engineering skills making it even more necessary that a firm like ours amplifies its availability to service the development gap with acquired experience.

Our Services
Corporate Social Investment

Through our corporate social investment programme and community initiatives, we plan to invest and partner with different organisations to make a difference in the lives of the communities that are in need.

As part of our long-term Corporate Social Investment (CSI) goals, our focus is on the children in our communities. The theme for our CSI programme revolves around the Setswana proverb “Lore lo ojwa lo sa le metsi” meaning children are moulded from a young age.

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What We Do
Our Services
Project life cycle management
Engineering Solutions
Computer Aided Engineering
Contract Management
Project Development Services
Professional Services

Leoka are just awesome to work with.
True partners supporting the client objectives.

Nick Fouche

Project Director: Hermosa Project South 32

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